GAC is supported by its members, and in part by public and private foundations, as well as by corporate and individual contributions. It is through the generosity of community-minded individuals, businesses, and foundations that GAC is able to continue to present innovative exhibitions of contemporary art and art education programs to our community, free of charge. There are many ways to get involved and be at the center of it all!

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Please allow up to 3 weeks for membership processing.  Dual membership may take additional time for acknowledgement at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

GAC benefits the community in so many ways...

A Member Testimony

I grew up in a creative household and discovered my passion for visual art at an early age. I am grateful my interests were nurtured and that I had the opportunity to pursue art as a profession.  My artistic practice has rewarded me with much satisfaction in life, but you do not have to be an artist to enjoy the benefits of the arts…

Endless studies have shown that the arts enhance our lives in many personal, social and cultural ways.  As individuals, art gives us personal enjoyment, intellectual stimulation and inspiration.  In a broader sense, the arts can be positive agents of change — building social capital, promoting prosperity, improving health, reducing crime and instilling community pride. The more a community participates in the arts, the greater the impact.

Since its inception over four decades ago, the Galveston Arts Center (GAC), at 2127 Strand, has continuously served our community with outstanding contemporary visual art programming.  GAC presents the work of professional artists from throughout the region and state to a diverse audience, including those who may not have other opportunities to learn about art.  ArtWalk, conceived and launched by GAC in the 1980s, is an economic driver that attracts thousands of visitors to Galveston’s historic downtown eight times a year.

In its aim to make art accessible to as many people as possible, GAC provides a wide variety of art education and outreach programs to underserved populations of all ages and abilities in our community. GAC currently collaborates with eight social service agencies to present art-making classes and offers after-school programs in four GISD schools.  Because the Galveston Arts Center believes art is for everyone, most programs are free and open to the public.

I have been a supporter of GAC as long as I can remember because I embrace its mission to support contemporary art, and because I enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie I experience as a member.  During GAC’s spring membership drive, ongoing through May 15th, I urge the community to learn more about the center.  Enjoy a Saturday night ArtWalk (the next one is April 21st), be inspired by an exhibition or interesting lecture, participate in a public art project, enroll your child in a class or take an adult workshop.

While the Galveston Arts Center contributes many wonderful things to the community, it needs the community’s support in return.  Only through the generosity of community-minded individuals, businesses, and foundations is GAC able to continue bringing quality arts programming to Galveston County and beyond.

Membership support is vital. Please join the Galveston Arts Center today.  You will be surprised how integrating the arts into your life can enrich your world.  To learn more about GAC visit; click on “support” to join.

Diane Falkenhagen

Diane Falkenhagen is a Galveston artist and member of the Galveston Arts Center Board of Directors


Individual — $50
  • 10% discount in ArtWorks museum store
  • 10% discount on classes for you and your legal dependents
  • Invitations to exhibitions, gallery talks, ArtWalk and special events
  • Subscription to GACs e-newsletter
Student/Senior — $30

All of the benefits of the Individual membership at a discounted rate for current students and members who are 60 and over

Valid ID required

Household — $75

All of the benefits of the Individual membership for two adults and household children under 19

Patron — $100 

All of the benefits of the Household membership, plus:

  • Invitations to Patrons-only parties and special events
Dual GAC/MFAH Patron — $185

This option is available through a partnership with The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

All of the benefits of GAC’s Patron Membership, plus:

Art Sponsor — $300

All of the benefits of the GAC/MFAH Patron level membership, plus:

  • Invitation to a special VIP event with a featured GAC artist
Artwork — $500

All of the above benefits, plus:

  • 15 % discount in the ArtWorks Museum Store at GAC
  • 25% discount on rental use of the main gallery
  • Private tours of exhibitions upon request
Corporate Sponsor — $2,500

All of the above benefits, plus:

  • The opportunity to sponsor a GAC exhibition, including acknowledgment on the exhibition web page, in all press releases and related exhibition materials
Magnum Opus — $5,000 

All of the previously listed benefits, and our sincerest gratitude for your very generous support of the Arts.

Masterpiece — $1,000

All of the above benefits, plus:

  • 50% discount on rental use of GAC’s main gallery
  • Acknowledgment in GAC press and selected printed materials