MARCH 5 – APRIL 10, 2016

Opening Reception Saturday, March 5, 2016
6:00 – 9:00 PM

Main Gallery 

Will Michels
Brooms Up: Muggles Play Quidditch

The exhibition by Will Michels explores the seriousness of the recently popular sport, Quidditch, from the beloved Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling. Michels’ prints examines the real life Quidditch culture by capturing the dynamic and beauty of the sport. Will Michels is a graduate of Pratt Institute in Architecture but has 21 years of experience as a photographer.

1878 Gallery 

Ben Davis
A Corner of Canaan

Ben Davis’ work investigates the social experience of architecture by documenting the historic structures that have accommodated cultural rituals for over 150 years in Texas. Davis uses traditional photographic methods as well as contemporary digital technology.
Davis currently lives in Fort Worth Texas. He completed his MFA in Photography and his MS-LS (library science) in Archival Studies & Imaging Technology at the University of North Texas. Davis makes frequent excursions to East Texas to document the region’s remaining vernacular buildings and to maintain relationships with friends and family.

Brown Foundation Gallery

Kenny Braun
Surf Texas

Kenny Braun is an editorial, commercial and fine-art photographer based in Austin, Tx. Known for environmental portraits, landscapes and personal projects, he is an established professional in business since 1996. Music, surfing and photography have been his passions since high-school, each influencing the other. His personal work explores a sense of place and memory by returning to scenes from his childhood.