April 18 – May 24, 2015

Opening Reception Saturday, April 18, 2015
6:00 – 9:00 PM

Market Street Gallery 

Adela Andea
Lux Æterna

Adela Andea, a Romanian-born, Houston-based artist, explores the ambiguous area between reality and virtual reality with her surreal light installations and sculptures, which often seem organic and biomorphic despite the synthetic, man-made materials she constructs them from. Working with energy-efficient light sources, plastic elements, electrical components and repurposed technology, Andea creates room-size installations that fill the exhibition space with vibrant color and ethereal light, and envelop the viewer in an unforgettable sensory experience. On an intellectual level, her work explores dichotomies such as the ephemeral and perpetual, dynamic and static, organic and inorganic. The artist explains that in her vision “there is not one unilateral truth or message about reality. The subjective encounter through
personal, individual experience with the artwork is one dimension that creates many other layers of reality.”

Color has always played an important role in Andea’s work, but as a painting student at the University of Houston, she became aware of the limitations of paint and began experimenting with light instead. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UH, she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of North Texas and was the first to graduate from the UNT art department’s then-brand-new New Media program.

Today Andea works primarily with light and electronic parts. Her cache of unconventional art materials includes LED and CCFL lights, Flex neon, fiber optics, post-consumer electronic parts such as USB hubs, fans, gear motors, laser printer alignment mirrors, as well as acrylic-plastics and flexible mirrors. The result is a bright, intensely colorful and powerfully stimulating environment with variable elements that seem to float down from the ceiling, bulge out from the walls or grow up from the floor.

Andea has created significant installations in several museums, and her work has been featured at international art fairs including Scope in Basel, Switzerland, Art Miami, Houston Art Fair, Dallas Art Fair and Texas Contemporary. This year she was invited to create the entire entrance for the Art Palm Beach Fair at the Palm Beach Convention Center. Andea is represented by Anya Tish Gallery in Houston and Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas.