GAC welcomes all school-age learners. We invite you to request either a guided visit led by trained museum educators and volunteers or a self-guided visit, which allows you to lead your own students through the exhibits.

Please note that appointments are required for ALL school groups visiting Galveston Arts Center.


Guided tours offer amazing opportunities for your students to make the most of their encounters with contemporary art exhibitions at Galveston Arts Center! Museum educators and trained volunteers engage students in lively, inquiry-based conversations that strengthen curriculum connections and encourage important skills like critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning. Feel free to continue exploring the galleries with your students on your own after the tour! Guided tours at Galveston Arts Center are exhibition-based, with one to three exhibitions featured per tour. See attached schedule of exhibitions for the coming year.

Guided visits are offered and recommended for students who are at or above first-grade level and last about 45 minutes. Groups are free to explore the exhibitions on their own after the tour.

Group Size

Guided group tours at Galveston Arts Center may have no more than fifty students, with one chaperone required for every ten students.  Groups larger than twenty-five will need to split into smaller groups before entering the upstairs galleries.


Teachers and their students may explore our exhibitions independently.   Information about each exhibit is always available on our current exhibitions page, as well as on the information table in the front lobby.  Additional resources can be requested from the Director of Education
GAC still requests that self-guided groups of more than 14 individuals make an appointment and limit total group size to 50 individuals.

*Please be aware that lectures may not be suitable for larger groups in the upstairs galleries due to space constraints. Groups larger than twenty-five will be asked to split into smaller groups before entering the upstairs galleries.


Think like an artist! This new offer pairs sixty minutes of in-gallery deep looking and inquiry with a forty-five minute art-making experience in Galveston Arts Center’s Studio Classroom. After exploring and discussing different works of art in the galleries, students create their own unique creations to take home.  All materials and supplies are provided by GAC.

Creative challenges encourage problem solving and critical thinking.

Studio Art Workshops can accommodate 25 students at a time.
Art Workshop appointments must be made 6 weeks in advance.
Each student may make one art project.  Chaperones and teachers are asked to help monitor students during the activity. 

Optional: Students may bring bag lunches to eat in the classroom after the workshop.

Trip Tips for Educators

  1. Set clear expectations.  Establish rules before you enter the gallery.
  2. Repeat or paraphrase students’ comments as needed to ensure that everyone can hear.
  3. Use a theme or essential question to help students focus their looking and thinking.
  4. Since they cannot touch the art, consider bringing your own sample items that students can touch to better explore unfamiliar materials or objects featured in the exhibit.
  5. Have students explore the gallery and find works of art on their own that they think are interesting and ask them to compare it to something you spoke about earlier or in the classroom.

School Tours at Galveston Arts Center are made possible by charitable giving from foundations and individual donors.